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Welding Cable For 750 Watt Solar System

Wire & Cable Your Way would like to give a big thanks to, Michael, a great customer in Arizona who purchased several different sizes of welding cable for a 750 Watt Solar System he designed.

Here is what Michael had to say about his solar panel.

“It cost me $3,000.00 for my 750 watt system at one half the cost.  A friend of mine bought a 1500 watt system 7 years ago and paid $14,000.00 for it and he installed it.   If you can build your own system you can save a lot of money.  When I build my house I will build a 1500 to 3000 watt system using the same components.   A stranger stopped by my place a couple days ago and saw my system and want me to build him one just like it. I plan on buying all my wire from you if and when that happens.”

The sizes of welding cable Michael purchased for the solar system & inverters were our 4/0 Welding Class K2 AWG Welding Cable Class K & 6 AWG Welding Cable Class K – all in both red & black.

Michael loved how we were able to cut the welding cable to the exact length he needed for the job as he did not want left over cable that would have gone to waste.

We greatly appreciate the pictures Michael and hope to hear from you soon!

Please click here to learn more about our welding cables we have in stock available by the foot.

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