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What’s the Difference Between SOOW, SEOOW, and STOW Portable Cord?

What’s the Difference Between SOOW, SEOOW, and STOW Portable Cord?

And what does the J in SJOOW, SJEOOW and SJTOW mean?


Buying flexible portable cord can be a confusing process—the existence of several different types of SO cord makes it hard to choose the right one. To help anyone going through this process, we’ve compiled a quick cheat sheet to explain the differences between them.

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10/3 & 10/4 SOOW Portable Cords for Pond Fountains

We just got these photos in from our customer Janice who runs a popular fountain business down in Florida.  Janice purchases our 10/3 & 10/4 SOOW Portable Cords for floating fountains her company installs in ponds.

Here is what Janice had to say:

“The SOOW Portable Cords run from the fountain in the water to the pond shore.  Then the cables are run through in-ground conduit to a fountain control panel and connected to the panel to supply power to the fountain.”

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1st Place Winner - Electrical Wire for Off-Grid Hybrid System

Wire And Cable Your Way would like to congratulate Marc Stevens in Nebraska for winning 1st place in our February 2015 photo contest!

Marc used several different wires of ours including our 8/3 SOOW Cord, THHN Copper Wire, and Welding Cable for his renewable energy project.

Here is what Marc had to say:
This project is an Off-Grid hybrid system that includes a 3 kW wind turbine on a 100 ft self-supporting lattice tower and 2.8 kW of photovoltaics on a dual axis tracker. Wire and Cable Your Way supplied us with #8 AWG SOOW for the down tower wiring, #8 THHN for the inverter/charger and solar charge controller wiring, and 4/0 welding cable for the home run battery connections.

renewable energy, 8/3 soow cord, thhn wire, welding cable

Thanks Marc for the excellent photo!

We'd also like to thank all of our other customers who submitted photos this past month! We found great joy seeing what everyone has been working on and we greatly appreciate you taking the time snapping some photos!

Thanks for being a customer!

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What is the Oustide Diameter of SOOW Portable Cords?

Are you looking for the outside diameter of a certain SOOW Portable Cord?

If so, listed below are a few popular 3 conductor & 4 conductor SOOW Cords and their OD.

If you are looking for the OD of an SOOW with more than 3 conductors please click here to view our entire SOOW Portable Cord category.

18/3 SOOW Cord Diameter = .365 inches
18/4 SOOW Cord Diameter = .390 inches

16/3 SOOW Cord Diameter = .390 inches
16/4 SOOW Cord Diameter = .420 inches

14/3 SOOW Cord Diameter = .535 inches
14/4 SOOW Cord Diameter = .575 inches

12/3 SOOW Cord Diameter = .535 inches
12/4 SOOW Cord Diameter = .575 inches

10/3 SOOW Cord Diameter = .660 inches
10/4 SOOW Cord Diameter = .715 inches

8/3 SOOW Cord Diameter = .695 inches
8/4 SOOW Cord Diameter = .760 inches

SOOW is a flexible rubber portable cord rated for 600 Volts.  It is weather-resistant with an oil-resistant insulation and an oil-resistant jacket.

We offer all our SOOW Portable Cords by the foot and ship out the same day you order as long as the order is in before 3pm cst. Most customers receive their wire & cable within 1-3 business days.

Please click here to view pricing on all our SOOW Portable Cords>>

Don't hesitate to call 855-880-8010 us with any questions!

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Bulk Orders of Electrical Cable - SOOW & SJOOW Portable Cords

Thanks for stopping by Wire And Cable Your Way!

We have been getting quite a few calls from customers looking for bulk SOOW & SJOOW Portable Cords for upcoming projects.

Many of these customers need to make hundreds of small cuts on the cord and ask us if we are able to make these cuts for them and how much are the cutting charges?


We will make as many cuts as you need to the foot at no extra charge. This can save you a lot of time and manpower on the job site.

So, if you have an order that requires lots a small pieces please give us a call and let us do the work!

You can also advise us through the shipping instructions on the checkout page all the cuts you would like us to make if you want to order online. You would type in the total quantity on the product page and detail the cuts on the shipping instructions.

Feel free to call 855-880-8010 or email us with any questions.

Until next time.

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10/3 SOOW Portable Cord for Isolated Power Distribution In a Laboratory


Wire And Cable Your Way wants to send a BIG THANKS to a talented engineer and customer at at the University of Wisconsin who recently purchased our 10/3 SOOW Portable Cord for his team's laboratory.

Here is what Richard had to say about the picture above:
These are taken inside our Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusion laboratory.  The 10/3 SOOW Portable cords are carrying power from an isolation transformer via 3 circuit-breaker boxes to experimental apparatus located around the laboratory.  This system was installed so that all of our apparatus and associated equipment could be put on the same designated ground point.

We greatly appreciate the picture, Richard, and wish you all the best in the lab!

Wire And Cable Your Way is proud to supply many universities throughout the country with wire and cable for their projects and research laboratories.

Are you interested in flexible SOOW Portable Cord for your next project?

Click here to view our entire SOOW Portable Cord Category>>

We cut all our portable cords by the foot and can make as many cuts as you need at no extra charge.

Please call 855-880-8010 if you have any questions.

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Looking for a Generator Power Cord For a Portable Generator?

As we move into this cold winter, many of our customers at Wire And Cable Your Way look to us for their generator power cord.

We have a great selection to choose from, cut all the cords by the exact foot, and ship out the same day ordered!

Our most popular portable cord for a generator is our SOOW Flexible Portable Cord - 600V.

Depending on your generator, most people need either 3 conductor or 4 conductor SOOW Portable Cord.

Common sizes are between 2 gauge  - 10 gauge.  The SOOW Portable Cord comes in a flexible rubber jacket rated for outdoor use.

Click here to view sizes and prices on all our SOOW Portable Cords>>

Another popular portable cord for generators are the Type W Portable Power Cord.

This power cord is more heavy duty than the SOOW Portable Cord and rated up  to 2000V.  It's also flexible and available in larger sizes than the SOOW Cord.

Click here to view sizes and prices on all our Type W Power Cords>>

If you have any questions regarding these products feel free to give us a call at 855-880-8010.

You can view our entire product selection at 

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