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24 Gauge 2-Pair Shielded Cable for Scoreboard Control Cable

24 gauge 2 pair Shielded Cable

Wire & Cable wants to send a big thanks to a great guy and a loyal customer, Mike, who installs world class scoreboards in fields and stadiums across his area using our 24 awg 2-Pair Shielded Computer Cable.

Mike sent us a bunch of photos like the one above showing the scoreboards his company makes and installs and we think they are pretty cool!

He told us the 24 awg 2-Pair Shielded Computer Cable (General Cable C0601A) works as excellent scoreboard control cables and he has had success with the cables on all the installations.

Please click here to view our 24 awg 2-Pair Shielded Computer Cable>>

Do you have a job that requires low voltage shielded control cables for a scoreboard or other electronic circuit boards?

If so, Wire And Cable Your Way offers a wide selection of 18 awg -24 awg multi-conductor shielded control cables.

Feel free to click on the links below which will bring you to our low voltage control cable category with pricing and the different sizes.

Please call 855-880-8010 if you have any questions or don't see the cables you are seeking.

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