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Diesel Locomotive Cable & Airplane Batteries

2 AWG Diesel Locomotive Cable

Big thanks to our customer, Mannan, who snapped this photo of his plane down in Florida.  Mannan purchased #6 awg diesel locomotive cable for his battery application.

Here is what Mannan had to say about the plane and the diesel locomotive cable:
Here's a shot if my plane.  It is called an RV-8 and is a kit plane.  I finished and first flew it in 2006.  It cruises at over 200 mph and burns less than 10 gallons of 100 octane low lead fuel per hour.  It took me over 3 and a half years to build it and has over 14,000 rivets.  (These are not "pop" rivets!)  It is designed to do aerobatics and is a hoot to fly.  Wife and I have been coast to coast and back twice.

The 2awg diesel locomotive cable that I bought from you guys will be used to run a dedicated "ground" from the battery which is located in the rear for proper balance, forward to the firewall.  At the firewall, there will be a post to connect all the avionics and all the rest of the electrical components."

We appreciate the fun photo and the info, Mannan!  Fly safe!!

We offer diesel locomotive cables in several sizes and cut it by the foot at no extra charge.  We ship  this cable the same day its ordered as long as its placed before 3pm cst and customers usually receive it within 1-3 business days.

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Diesel Locomotive Cable (DLO) & Marine Installations

DLO Marine Application

Sending a BIG THANKS to our customer, Art, who sent us this picture of his Allied Seabreeze 35 sailboat cruisin' the northeast bay.  Art chose to buy Diesel Locomotive Cable for his sailboat's anchor windlass.  An anchor windlass is a machine that restrains and manipulates the anchor chain and/or rope on a boat, allowing the anchor to be raised and lowered.

Here is what Art had to say about the diesel locomotive cable.

"The DLO (Diesel Locomotive Cable) is for a newly installed anchor windlass. I used diesel locomotive cable for its corrosion resistant qualities. Each copper strand is tinned. The salt water environment has made tinned wire the standard for marine installations. It's a 12 volt dc system so the amperage is high. The pictures show the hook up to the reversing relay in forward cabin which will have a varnished mahogany box covering it. A second picture is back aft near the battery bank which shows the 70 Amp isolation breaker. The cables are run in a galley locker pretty much out of sight.  I'm happiest when I have a project!"

Thanks for the info, Art! We hope you have a fantastic sailing season!

Diesel Locomotive Cable (DLO) is also used for many other applications such as:  electric locomotives, diesel generators, drilling & oil rigs, railroad wiring, cranes, motor leads, and plenty more.

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