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Unique Customers w/ Diverse Projects - Copper Wire, Security Cable, Welding Cable & More...

We love learning about all the different types of projects our customers are working on.

With thousands of customers stemming from all different parts of the country we are fortunate enough to speak with such an eclectic group of people working on such a wide range of projects.

We thought it would be nice to share a few examples below of how some of our customers apply our wire & cable.

Please note, every project and application is different and we always recommend double checking with a certified electrician/technician before making a purchase to be on the safe side:)

Bill in North Dakota using 18/5 SOOW Portable Cord for signal lights.

Duke in Virginia using 2 gauge welding cable for solar battery charging.

Teddy in Arizona using 1/0 THHN Copper Building Wire for his new residential sub-panel.

Lance in Illinois using 18 Gauge 10 Conductor Security Cable as access control cable for his commercial properties.

Alex in California using 14/3 SJOOW Portable Cord for theatrical stage lighting.

George in New Jersey using 1/0 4C Type W Power Cord for a marina installation.

Alfonso in Florida using 20 Gauge 5 Conductor Unshielded Communication Cable for his pool cover controller.

Benjamin in New York using 6 Gauge THHN Copper Wire in a conduit for his workshop sub-panel.

Tom in Washington using 8/3 SEOOW Portable Cord for air compressor extension cord.

Lisa in Alabama using 12 gauge 2 conductor landscape lighting cable for their re-designed home residence.

Charlotte in Wisconsin using 18/7 Tray Cable for a wiring harness.

Are you working on a new project and have questions?

If so please give us a call as we would love to hear from you.


Thanks for stopping by!

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