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What Size Wire For 50 Amp Service From Main Panel?

50 amp service

6 AWG Wire Used For 50 Amp Service

Many of our customers here at Wire & Cable Your Way are looking for electrical wire to service their new backyard woodshop, like this one shown above.

Our customer Steve, a skilled project engineer sent in these pics from a home project he recently completed. Steve needed to run 50 amp service from his main panel in his home to a 100 amp breaker box (shown below) in his new shop.  Steve purchased our 6 AWG THHN/THWN Copper Building Wire for his project.

100 amp breaker box

Here is what Steve had to say:

"I put in a 100A box in the new shop, but am only feeding it from a 50A breaker in the main panel from the house service. My loads will be significantly less than that to run various tools individually, as well as a compressor and vacuum.  I  needed to run about 95’ of 6awg  240V 50A service from my house panel out to a new woodshop, and being able to get 100’ 6 AWG THHN/THWN spools at a good price from you worked out well!"

Steve buried the 6 AWG THHN copper stranded wire inside a conduit which can be seen below:


Buy 6 AWG Wire by the Foot and Cut to Length

We greatly appreciate the photos, Steve, and glad everything worked out for you!

Please click here to view our 6 AWG THHN Building Wire page.

We cut 6 gauge THHN by the foot and offer it in several different colors at a great price!

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