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What is SEOOW Portable Cord - 600V?

Many customer browsing our store here at Wire & Cable To Go stumble upon our SEOOW portable Cord and ask us the difference between this cord & our SOOW Portable cord.

The main difference is in the construction of the cord's jacket.

SEOOW- 600v  stands for:

S - Service
E - Thermoplastic Elastomer
OO - Oil Resistant Insulation & Oil Resistant Jacket
W - Water & Weather Resistance

The Thermosplastic Elastomer jacket is what sets this SEOOW apart from the SOOW portable cord.  This thermoplastic contains chemical resistance characteristics of PVC & flexible properties of rubber.  In more general terms the SEOOW is a high-quality flexible cord engineered with plastic characteristics and rubber jacketed material compared to an SOOW which is only made up of a rubber jacket.

The SEOOW is also more resistant to water than SOOW and has a higher temperature range of –50ºC to 105ºC.

Below are more standards on the SEOOW Portable Cord:

UL Flexible Cord - UL Standard 62
CSA Flexible Cord - C22.2-49
NEC Article 501.140 Class I Div. 2
NEC Article 400
Federal Spec JC580
Passes CSA FT2 Flame Test
MSHA Approved
EPA 40 CFR, Part 26, Subject C, heavy metals per Table 1, TCLP method

SEOOW cords are durable, flexible & abrasion resistant.

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