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New products: 350 Type G and Ramapo Underground Distribution Cable

2-2-2 Ramapo Underground Distribution Cable

Triple-rated USE-2/RHH/RHW-2 conductors are suitable for underground service entrance applications and additionally for applications in raceways for general purpose lighting and power circuits.


350 MCM 4C Type G Round Power Cable

Type G cables are suitable for use in industrial and light- to medium-duty mining applications, heavy-duty service as power supply cable, power cable for mobile and portable electrical equipment at a continuous conductor temperature of 90°C.

Saving Money with Belden Equivalents

belden-equivalents-1 belden-equivalents-2

Our Belden Equivalents are one of Wire & Cable To Go most popular products.  Here is what one of our favorite customer's Jason had to say about the quality of these cables:
The C2525A 20/3 cable is a great alternative to the expensive Belden 8772 instrumentation cable, and costs 70% less.  We’ve tested these two cables side-by-side in our environmental chamber, and the performance and durability characteristics were identical.  We’ve been using it for years with great success connecting life-safety equipment in harsh environments of the food industry and other manufacturing facilities.  Very pleased with this cable. also has first-class customer service, very short lead times, and free shipping on large orders most of the  time.”

Welding Cable & Wind Turbines

Welding Cable for Wind Turbine

Thank you to our customer Ralph who recently purchased our #6 AWG Welding Cable Class K in both black and red for a wind turbine project he is working on.  Here is what Ralph told us about his welding usage:
I'm using the wire I purchased for a couple wind turbine projects.  I'm attaching pictures of one project, the other will be installed at another location at a later date.  The #6 welding cable from the positive terminal of the alternator runs down inside the pipe mast.  The mast serves as the ground.  Both the negative and the positive wires exit or attach at base below ground level and then into a circuit breaker which is connected to a 12 volt battery bank.”