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Wire & Cable For Wind Farms & Renewable Energy Projects

wind turbine farm

We here at Wire & Cable To Go take pride in supplying wire & cable for renewable energy/solar energy projects. From small home solar panel installations to big wind farm projects, we share a strong passion for clean renewable energy!

With that being said, we were very happy to receive these great photos from our friends & customers out in Hawaii who sent the above photos of wind turbines on a wind farm project they worked on for over a year. Their mission was to bring clean renewable energy to thousands of homes in the area and from what I hear their mission was accomplished!

They gave us last look on the job and we were able to ship them thousands of feet of Tray Cable (THHN/PVC) & XHHW MCM Cable on the same day they ordered. Plus, they needed the cable to arrive in 2 days so the project wouldn't be held up and we expedited the shipping with no problems at all!

Are you working on a wind turbine or solar panel project?

If so, we recommend checking the specs on the application and see what types of wires are needed. While some applications require PV Solar Wire & USE-2 Solar Wire others do permit the use for the cables below which we cut by the foot at no extra charge, and can ship out the same day!

If you have questions about your solar energy project please do not hesitate to contact us!

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