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Which Cables Can Be Directly Buried?

"Can this cable be directly buried?"

We get asked this question all the time, so we've come up with an answer for everyone.

We often get questions about whether a certain cable qualifies as direct burial. We're always happy to answer these questions because we know it can get confusing - aside from a few cables (like UF-B and URD) that are always appropriate for direct burial, there are many, many more that are equipped with a sufficient jacket to be rated for direct burial.

To help customers find the right cable, we've added an entirely new section to our website. You can now find all cables rated for direct burial in one place!




Or take a look at some of our most popular direct burial cables:

UF-B Wire
UF-B Wire - 6 to 14 AWG, with both 2 & 3 conductors.
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URD Wire
URD Wire - 6 AWG to 1000 MCM. Triplex, Quadruplex, and single conductor.
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THHN-PVC Tray Cable
THHN-PVC Tray Cable - 18 AWG to 500 MCM.
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