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What Type of Cable To Use For Underground Feeder Wire - Main Panel to Sub-Panel?

We get a lot of calls here at Wire And Cable Your Way from customers looking for underground feeder wire & cable to connect from their main panel to sub-panel.

Many of these customers look for direct burial cable for sub-panel connection in their garage, shed, or new workshop!

Based on your preference between copper or aluminum and the amperage required, we recommend taking a look at two different direct burial cables below. These cables do not require a conduit. (Links are highlighted)

1. Multi-Conductor Tray Cable (THHN-PVC)

This is our most popular copper multi-conductor cable meant for underground direct burial.

We have this in many sizes, cut it by the foot so you are not left with extra cable, and ship the same day.

You can learn more about our product selection, pricing and specs on this copper stranded cable by visiting our:

2. Aluminum Underground Distribution Cable

This aluminum cable is also popular for many applications like an underground feed to a detached pole or an underground feed to a barn or workshop.

We offer these underground aluminum cables at great prices in many sizes, cut by the exact foot you need, and ship it the same day ordered.

You can learn more about our product selection, pricing and specs on this aluminum multi-conductor cable by visiting our:

Based on the lengths of your runs and the amperage required we recommend browsing through our product selection of the copper and aluminum and then consult with a local electrician on which size cable is the best for your service.

Don't hesitate to call us with any questions at 855-880-8010.

You can also view our entire wire & cable offering by visiting us at WireAndCableYourWay.Com

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