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#2 Welding Cable for Hybrid Solar Electrical System

You never know what sort of surprises you may find throughout the day!

Yesterday, we received a wonderful hand-written letter along with print photos from our dear customer, Bill, who wrote us about his hybrid solar electrical system he has around his home. Here is what Bill had to say:

Dear Wire And Cable Your Way,

Once again I want to thank you for your prompt service.  It was just shy of 24 hours from the time I placed my order with you that the welding cable was in my hands.

I'm using your welding cable as feed lines for a hybrid electrical system in our cabin in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State.  We are 3/4 of a mile off the nearest paved road so we use a wind turbine and solar panels to keep our battery bank charged.

This photo is of our wind turbine:


It's 46' in the air & produces 400 Watts of at 12 Volts D.C.

Due to the tower height and total distance from the battery bank, 112', I used your #2 Welding Cable as feed lines.  The cable was chosen to minimize line loss.

I ran your welding cable down the inside of the pipe and out the base. The welding cable exits the tower and goes underground through conduit into the the cabin.  The smaller diameter houses the ground from the lightening arrestor (also using your #2 awg welding cable).

Welding_Cable Base

This panel house 2 breakers, one for stopping the turbine (for maintenance), and the other is a battery disconnect.  I should mention that being able to buy welding cable with a red or black jacket makes keeping polarity a no-brainer.

Breaker Welding Cable

Welding Cable Breaker

These other photos of the welding cable show our battery bank of 6-110 amp hour AGM Batteries (they do not off gas so are approved for use indoors).  Again I used your #2 welding cables for the inter connects.

Battery Bank

We also have our 3000 Watt Inverter which takes the 12 Volts D.C. from the battery and connects it to the 120 Volt A.C. and feeds our distribution panel.

3000 Watt Inverter

Thanks to your high-quality welding cables the system is able to run our entire cabin, fridge, lights, water pump, radio & TV. I am in the process of upgrading our solar panels and will be using your welding as well.

Again, thank you for the great product and very prompt service.  I will be doing business with you again and you can be assured I will highly recommend "Wire And Cable Your Way" to anyone in need of electrical wire & cable.



Thanks, Bill!  We greatly appreciate the letter and the insight into your solar electrical system!

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Thanks for stopping by!

Your Pal,