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THHN and Welding Cable for Wiring Solar Array Projects

solar with thhn and welding cable

We really enjoy these pics that were sent over from our friend Michael in Southern California. Michael did a massive solar array installation on his home & decided to buy #2 THHN Copper Building Wire along with 4/0 welding cable for his battery cables.

He also created an entire blog about the process of buying & installing all parts for his solar project. Michael gave us a great recommendation which was fun to see and greatly appreciated !

Here is what Michael had to say:

"The wire run from the panels to the charge controllers is over 180 feet.  Sourcing the wire for this run took some time.  I initially was going to run 4 gauge wire.  The plans call for 4 gauge wire.  When I went back and rechecked my calculations, I realized the voltage drop would be almost 5%.  Not acceptable.  3 gauge wire would do it but I decided that I wasn’t going to take any chances and ordered 2 gauge wire.  When it comes to wire, I have found there is only one source,  Wire And Cable Your Way.  They have the best service, the best prices and they ship for free on orders over $1000 and they are FAST!  When I realized I needed to run a thicker wire. I called up Seth and he got on it.  He also called back to make sure I was taken care of."

We recommend you checking out his blog if you are interested in learning about the process of installing a solar panel for your home. It's very informative!

It was fun doing business with you, Michael!

BTW - if you are planning any electrical installation at home, we highly recommend you consult with a local electrician first.  They can advise you on current state electrical codes and which type of cables are suitable for the application.

Thanks for stopping by.

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