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SOOW Portable Cord for Portable Generators


Are you looking for a flexible portable cord for your generator?

Many of our customers reach out to us wondering what type of portable cord is best for their new generator at home.  We tell them it depends on the specs of the application, how many amps are required for the generator, and that Wire & Cable To Go has several different options to choose from!

Our most popular portable cord for generators is our line of SOOW portable cords.  These flexible rubber cords which are good for 600 volts are cut to the exact length you need for your generator.  The most popular sizes for home generators are our 6/4 SOOW, 8/4 SOOW & 10/4 SOOW portables Cords.   These all have a total of 4 conductors.

Another popular portable cord used on heavy duty generators is our  Type W Portable Cord.  These multi-conductor portable cords are flexible, durable &  can handle 2000v applications.

Here is what our friendly customer, Jack, had to say about the 10/4 SOOW portable cord he purchased for his 3500 Watt Generator (see photo above).
The generator puts out 3500 watts and is wired through a transfer switch into my house. It operates my 220v artesian well pump as well as a refrigerator,freezer and four house circuits for lamps,tv and accessories. We are quite comfortable during power outages which are common around here!