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Got Questions? THHN Building Wire Rating, SOOW Portable Cord Sizes &Tray Cable Conductors

Its been quite busy over here at Wire And Cable Your Way and I have been getting to know some really interesting & unique customers from all across the country.

People are sending in questions all day long and I'd thought it would be nice to share a few common questions received...

Hey Willie, I am shopping for wire to wire up a new garage.  I am looking at your 4-4-4 Aluminum Underground Distribution Cable and wondering if it can it be direct buried, or must I use conduit? - Bill

Thanks for the question, Bill.  Our 4-4-4 Aluminum Underground Distribution Cable is rated for direct burial and you do not need to use a conduit.

Click here to learn more about our 4-4-4 Aluminum Underground Distribution Cable>>


Willie -  I am looking for some 2 gauge & 6 gauge THWN-2 do you guys sell this by the foot? I only saw the THHN. - Mark

Yes, our all THHN Building Wire is THWN-2 dual rated.  This THWN-2 rating will be marked on the jacket of the wire and we do cut this by the foot!

Please click here to view our THHN/THWN-2 category page


Hi Mr. Willie, I am looking for 10 gauge external power wire or cable suitable for installation from my house to garage for portable generator use. I am looking for a 10 gauge with 3 conductors and 4 conductors.  What do you recommend? - Alan

The most common 10 gauge 3 conductor & 4 conductor cables used for a portable generator is our SOOW Portable Cord (600v) & our SJOOW Portable Cord (300v).

Click here to view our 10 AWG SOOW Portable Cords>>

Click here to view our 10 SJOOW Portable Cords>>


Hi Willie, I need a wire to connect 8KW, 240 V 1 phase sauna heater. The wire size#8 in THHN Building Wire, 90C copper. Do you have this type of wire? - Barbara

Yes, Barbara, we do carry #8 AWG THHN Copper Building Wire and sell it by the foot in a wide variety of colors.

Please click here to view our #8 AWG THHN/THWN-2 Wire product page>>


Willie - I need to know if your 10 AWG XLP-USE-2 wire is sunlight resistant? -Dan

Yes. Our 10 AWG XLP-USE-2 wire is definitely sunlight resistant!

Click here to view our 10 AWG XLP-USE-2 product page>>


Dear Willie, I am curious if your #1/0-3c THHN-PVC W/ GROUND is actually 3 insulated wires and one bare copper wire ? Thank You - Chet

Hi Chet - yes, you are correct.  Our 1/0-3/C THHN-PVC Tray Cable w/ Ground has 3 insulates wires and one bare copper wire making it a total of 4 wires within the cable.

Click here to view our 1/0-3c THHN-PVC Tray Cable w/ Ground>>

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Thanks for stopping by!

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