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Flexible Welding Cable for Sub Amplifier Installation

Welding Cable

Our good friend out in Wisconsin, Tom, sent in this picture of a recent sub amp installation he did for a client's car.

Tom purchased our 1/0 Welding Cable Class K and 1/0 Welding Cable Class M which allowed him to power up this 56 inch Digital Designs; S2b Amp (for Mids & Highs) which is  nestled under the seat.

Tom is as passionate as it comes when it comes to car audio installations and prefers using our welding cable whenever he has the opportunity.

Thanks for the photo, Tom!

Wire & Cable To Go offers two typs of Welding Cable - Class K & Class M.

Class K is our standard flexible welding cable offered in black in red. Class M is our ultra-flexible welding cable offered in an orange  durable jacket.

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