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8 Gauge 3 Conductor SOOW Portable Cord For iTig200 Welder (Welding Machine)

Our customer, Richard out up in Wisconsin sent us a photo of a iTg200 Welder he is currently using.

Richard purchased our 8/3 SOOW Portable Cord 600V to hook up to the welding machine.  Richard is learning how to weld and is beginning with welding bicycle frames!

Here is what Richard had to say:
The welding machine I am using is an Everlast Power iTig 200. It's 200 amp and recommends a 40 amp breaker. I am learning to TIG weld with it and working to get good enough to weld bicycle frames. Just got a foot pedal and that helped a bunch on thin walled tubing. Welded right along the edge of some 1/16 inch tubing tonight with out blowing the edge away. The 40 amp 8/3 SOOW portable cable from the range outlet in the house works great.


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