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6 AWG 4 Conductor SOOW Portable Cord for PTO Driven Generator

We recently received a nice photo from our customer Bruce who decided to buy 125′ of 6 AWG 4 conductor SOOW Portable Cord for a PTO driven generator.

Here is what Bruce had to say about the cable and the tractor:

“The SOOW Portable Cord I purchased from Wire & Cable Your Way was cut into two pieces to allow me to connect my PTO driven generator (which I am still working on) to the house.  The shorter piece, ~22 Feet allows me to park the tractor by the patio near the basement sliding doors.  The longer piece will allow me to park the tractor in the shop I am putting up on the other side of the house.”

“The tractor is driving the generator that is powering selected circuits in the house through a transfer switch that keeps everything safe and legal for both me and any linemen who might be working on a bad feeder.   I use this on the rare occasion that we loose power as we are well pump and loose everything without power.”

Thanks for the photo and the info, Bruce, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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