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#2 AWG Welding Cable Connected to Battery Banks for Wind Turbines & Solar Panels


Our friend & customer up in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York sent us an incredible letter with a bunch of photos and descriptions of a wind turbine and solar panel set up outside his cabin.

I will post the letter shortly but first wanted to show his battery bank hooked up with #2 Welding Cable Class K he purchased from Wire & Cable To Go recently.

The battery bank has 6-110 amp hour AGM batteries (they do not off gas so are approved for use indoors). From the photo it looks like he is using UB121100 Universal Batteries.

The wind turbine being used is 46' in the air and produces 400 watts at 12 volts DC.

Welding Cables are VERY POPULAR cables for batteries banks that our customers purchase for their wind turbines and solar panels.

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