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2/0 Welding Wire For Battery Banks & Solar PV Systems

2/0 Welding Cable

Are you installing your own Solar PV system and looking for welding cable for your battery bank?

If so, Wire And Cable Your Way has several different sizes of high-quality welding cables in stock!

Our customer, Barry, who sent in the photo above purchased 2/0 Red Welding Cable (Class K) for his battery bank that he has for his solar pv system.

Here is what Barry had to say about the battery banks:
The battery bank is 8 X 6 volt deep cycle batteries in series and parallel to produce 24 V DC with 800 amp hours. Since we get 300+ days of sun, the system is working well. I produce about 3.5 Kwh per day varying from 4 to 38 Amps subject to the position of the sun.  The batteries are housed in a separate 24VDC ventilated bunker just outside the garage. I purchased your 2/0 welding cable for my batter bank connection and everything is working out great!  Thank you Wire And Cable Your Way!

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We sell our welding cable by the foot and cut it to the exact length you need!  We ship out your order same day with expected delivery times of 1-3 business days.

Please call 855-880-8010 or email us through our support page of you have any questions.

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