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14 4 SJ Cord, 10 4 SO Cord & 12 4 SO Cord for Speaker Wire & Sound Systems!

14-4 SJ Cord - SO Cord

Summer is right around the corner and we know many of our customers will be using our SJOOW & SOOW Portable Cords for outside live music events & concerts.

Wire And Cable Your Way has a vast selection of portable cords all available by the foot!

Our friendly customer Clint sent in the photo above and has this to say:

I rewired my entire PA system with wire from Wire & Cable To Go!

I used 200' of (SJO14s4) 14/4 SJOOW Portable Cord 300V UL to make my Stage Stringer, (a series of extension cords to provide power to musicians on stage with two 120VAC circuits).

I used 200' of (SOO10s4) 10/4 SOOW Portable Cord 600V to provide power from the power source to my power distribution system.

I used 100' of (SOO12s4) 12/4 SOOW Portable Cord 600V as heavy speaker cable to power my subwoofers in my concert system. They all worked great!– Clint Miller

We greatly appreciate the photo and details, Clint!

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