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10/3 SOOW & 18/20 SOOW Portable Cord For Projector & Motor

SOOW Portable Cord

We always get excited here at Wire And Cable Your Way seeing how our customers use their wire & cable!

When it comes to SOOW Portable Cord, there is such a wide variety of applications to use this rubber flexible portable cord.

Take for example our customer Russell in Texas, who sent in this photo above.

Russell is currently using 400' of 10/3 SOOW Portable Cord to power 12 projectors for a 360* projection. There will be picture all around the theatre for his stage production.

He is also using 18/20 SOOW Portable Cord to send control signal to 12 - 1/2 ton motors and 4 -1 ton motor to move lighting truss and other rigging needs.

SOOW Portable Cord is very common for lighting, projectors & motors.

Do you have job that currently requires SOOW Portable Cord?

Feel free to take a look at our SOOW Portable Cord Category which lists all the cables we have in stock.

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We cut all these cords by the foot at no extra charge and can ship the same day.  Most orders take 1-3 business day to delivery.

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