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What’s the Difference Between SOOW, SEOOW, and STOW Portable Cord?

What’s the Difference Between SOOW, SEOOW, and STOW Portable Cord?

And what does the J in SJOOW, SJEOOW and SJTOW mean?


Buying flexible portable cord can be a confusing process—the existence of several different types of SO cord makes it hard to choose the right one. To help anyone going through this process, we’ve compiled a quick cheat sheet to explain the differences between them.

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Now in Stock - STOW White Portable Cord!

Wire And Cable Your Way is pleased to now offer STOW White Portable Cord in several different sizes - all cut by the foot!

STOW Portable Cord is rated for 600 Volts and comes in a Thermo-plastic oil resistant white jacket.

Below are the sizes we currently offer:

18/3 STOW White Portable Cord
18/4 STOW White Portable Cord
18/5 STOW White Portable Cord
16/3 STOW White Portable Cord
16/4 STOW White Portable Cord
16/5 STOW White Portable Cord
14/3 STOW White Portable Cord
14/4 STOW White Portable Cord
12/3 STOW White Portable Cord
12/4 STOW White Portable Cord
10/3 STOW White Portable Cord

We cut all these cable by the foot and can ship out the same day ordered.

Please call 855-880-8010 if you need a different size or type of white cord.

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1st Place Winning Photo - STO Power Cable For LED Lighting On Greenhouses!

STO Power Cable For LED Lighting - Wire And Cable Your Way

Without further ado, we'd like to announce the winner of Wire And Cable Your Way's 1st Customer Photo Contest!

The grand prize winner in the February 2014 photo contest is Bill Fitzmaurice from Northern California who will receive a $100 Visa Gift Card courtesy of Wire And Cable Your Way.

Bill submitted the photo above had this to say about the 18/3 STO Portable Cord he uses for LED lighting:
We are producing LED Lighting for Greenhouse Growers of both Flowers and vegetables. The LED lighting reduces the power by consuming as much as 70 % less over conventional lighting. Studies now are showing healthier and faster growing plants when LED lighting is used in conjunction with normal sun light. This allows growers to get to market sooner with greater profits. We are using Wire & Cable To Go's, UL approved, STO power cable to interface with the AC line from voltage ranges of 100 to 528 volts AC.

We love the photo Bill and you definitely had some steep competition!

Thank you to all who entered the contest.  We are very impressed by your projects and accomplishments!  We know it all takes hard work!

For those who did not submit a photo, we are running the contest again this month and we want to hear from you!

Click here to ENTER NOW

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