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At Wire & Cable Your Way, we’ve got a large selection of XHHW-2 Aluminum Building Wire products at the best prices you can find. This aluminum building wire is intended to be used for general purpose applications in conduit, underground in conduit, or in any other recognized raceways for services, feeders, and branch-circuit wiring.

XHHW wire is generally used for power distribution in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. They are available as either solid or stranded wire, with the stranded XHHW cable providing greater flexibility. For the larger gauge sizes of wire, stranded becomes the only option due to the large cable’s need for flexibility. Wire & Cable Your Way sells the newer and more popular XHHW-2 cable as they offer improved insulation to the older XHHW products.

Our selection of XHHW-2 Aluminum Building Wire below ranges in size from 6 AWG (American Wiring Gauge) to 1000 MCM (Thousand Circular Mils):

Aluminum XHHW-2 Wire Product Selection

THHN Stranded Wire
XHHW-2, Stranded, Aluminum Building Wire
Item (sold by the foot unless noted otherwise) O.D.
@ 90°C
6 AWG Aluminum XHHW-2 Wire » 0.259 60 $0.19/ft
4 AWG Aluminum XHHW-2 Wire » 0.303 75 $0.23/ft
2 AWG Aluminum XHHW-2 Wire » 0.358 100 $0.32/ft
1 AWG Aluminum XHHW-2 Wire » 0.409 115 $0.45/ft
1/0 Aluminum XHHW-2 Wire » 0.446 135 $0.54/ft
2/0 Aluminum XHHW-2 Wire » 0.466 150 $0.57/ft
3/0 Aluminum XHHW-2 Wire » 0.533 175 $0.78/ft
4/0 Aluminum XHHW-2 Wire » 0.585 205 $0.86/ft
250 MCM Aluminum XHHW-2 Wire » 0.650 230 $1.03/ft
300 MCM Aluminum XHHW-2 Wire » 0.700 255 $1.40/ft
350 MCM Aluminum XHHW-2 Wire » 0.746 280 $1.43/ft
400 MCM Aluminum XHHW-2 Wire » 0.789 305 $1.66/ft
500 MCM Aluminum XHHW-2 Wire » 0.865 350 $1.83/ft
600 MCM Aluminum XHHW-2 Wire » 0.973 385 $2.29/ft
700 MCM Aluminum XHHW-2 Wire » 1.037 420 $2.63/ft
750 MCM Aluminum XHHW-2 Wire » 1.068 435 $2.67/ft
900 MCM Aluminum XHHW-2 Wire » 1.162 475 $3.55/ft
1000 MCM Aluminum XHHW-2 Wire » 1.220 500 $3.85/ft

XHHW Wire Properties

The different letters in XHHW wire denote the particular properties of the cable:

X for Cross-Linked
HH for High Heat-Resistant, and
W for Water Resistant.

These characteristics along with the wide range of sizes makes XHHW an ideal choice for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, as well as for installations of many types.