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1-Piece HD Brilliance BNC Compression Connector

Belden 1855ABHDL, BNC Coax Compression Connector, Locking for Mini RG-59/U Cable


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1-Piece HD Brilliance BNC Compression Connector

The new 1-Piece HD Brilliance® BNC Compression Connector. This 1-piece connector offers faster, more consistent field installation with the same excellent signal quality and performance as traditional three-piece connectors. Brilliance® connectors are specifically designed for use with Brilliance® cable, creating the perfect connector-to-cable combination.

   Cable Type:  Mini RG-59/U
   Conductor Size: 22-24 AWG
   Color Band:  Purple
   Type:  75 Ohm
   Environmental Space: Indoor
   Insulator:  PTFE

Temperature Range:
-40°F (-40°C) to 140°F (60°C)

Mechanical Characteristics:
  Termination Type:
  Cable Center Conductor Diameter Limits:  0.0208 - 0.0263 inch
  Cable Dielectric Diameter Limits:  0.0964 - 0.1141 inch
  Cable Outer Jacket Diameter Limits:  0.1574 - 0.1692 inch

Offers excellent Return Loss performance
Faster and simpler installation
- Belden end-to-end solution using proven compression technology
- Belden's patented extended head knurl nut design for easy gripping when installing
- Limited Lifetime Connector Warrty when partnered with Belden Brilliance® Cable
- Superior pullout strength


Belden 1694A Spec SheetView Spec Sheet for Complete Details 

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