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3-Piece HD Brilliance BNC Crimp Connector

Belden 1855ABHD3, BNC Coax Crimp Connector for Mini RG-59/U Cable, Purple


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3-Piece HD Brilliance BNC Crimp Connector

Belden HD Brilliance Connectors with Belden Brilliance Coax Cables deliver unparalleled end-to-end performance for Broadcast Engineers and A/V Professionals. Designed specifically for Belden Brilliance Broadcast and Professional A/V coaxial cables, HD Brilliance Connectors maximize broadcast signal integrity, quality, performance and durability. Belden HD Brilliance connectors exceed SMPTE return loss standards, providing excellent headroom and true 75 ohm performance for those instances when Broadcasters need to push the limits.

   Cable Type:  RG-59/U
   Conductor Size: 22-24 AWG
   Color Band:  Pruple
   Type:  75 Ohm
   Environmental Space: Indoor
   Insulator:  PTFE

Temperature Range:
-40°F (-40°C) to 140°F (60°C)

Mechanical Characteristics:
  Termination Type:
  Cable Center Conductor Diameter Limits:  0.0208 - 0.0244 inch
  Cable Dielectric Diameter Limits:  0.0964 - 0.1070 inch
  Cable Outer Jacket Diameter Limits:  0.1574 - 0.1692 inch

Offers excellent Return Loss performance
Faster and simpler installation
- Belden end-to-end solution using proven compression technology
- Belden's patented extended head knurl nut design for easy gripping when installing
- Limited Lifetime Connector Warranty when partnered with Belden Brilliance® Cable
- Superior pullout strength


Belden 1694A Spec SheetView Spec Sheet for Complete Details 

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