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373 MCM 3C w/ 3 #6 Grounds Shielded VFD Cable

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XLPO Insulation, PVC Jacket, 600/1000V UL Type TC-ER, 90°C

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Minimum 20' to maximum 1000'. Please call for longer put ups.

A flexible, shielded power cable specifically engineered for use in variable frequency AC motor drive (VFD) applications.

Stranded tinned copper circuit conductors

Crossed-linked polyolefin (XLPO), flexible and low dielectric

Black sunlight resistant polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Color Code:
262 MCM and larger: black and numbered 4/0AWG and smaller: red, white, black

Overall Shield:
Sizes 8AWG and larger: Heliically applied 5 mil bare copper tape providing 100% coverage. *10AWG and smaller: Tin-coated copper braid plus aluminum/ polyester tape providing 100% coverage.

Grounding Conductor:
Three symmetrically placed flexible stranded tinned copper conductors in direct contact with the shield

UL Listed as Type TC-ER 600V
- UL Listed as 1kV Flexible Motor Supply Cable (up to 4/0 AWG)
- 90°C Temperature Rating • FT-4 and IEEE 1202 Flame Ratings
- Sunlight Resistant • Oil Resistant (Oil Res I)
- Direct Burial • Meets crush and impact requirements for Type MC cable
- Permitted for Exposed Run (“ER”) use in accordance with the NEC
- Permitted for use in Class 1, Division 2 and Zone 2 industrial hazardous locations per the NEC


Size: 373 MCM
Number of Conductors: 3
Conductor Strand: 925
Insulation Thickness: 0.065 inches
Ground Wire: 6 AWG x 3 
Ground Wire Stranding: 61
Jacket Thickness: 0.11 inches
Outside Diameter: 2.215 inches
Weight: 5.318 lbs per ft

• Specially engineered cable design produces a longer cable life in VFD applications
• Overall shield provides 100% coverage containing VFD EMI emissions
• High strand count design is much more flexible, easier to install and more resistant to vibration than Type MC cable.
• Specially formulated insulation material with a lower dielectric constant (standard XLPE and EPR insulation materials have higher dielectric constants) withstands reflected voltages. This allows for longer output cable distances and minimizes the effect of high frequency noise induced into the plant ground system.
• Gas and Vapor Tight - impervious to water and air. • Reduced installation time and cost compared to Type MC.
• Glands for this product cost up to 50% LESS than those for Type MC.
• Bend Radius is 12 x O.D.


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