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12/3 SJTW Yellow Heavy Duty Triple Tap Extension Cord (UL)

Min: 1 ft., Max: 10000 ft. To order multiple lengths, simply enter the desired footage into the quantity fields. Each length will be delivered on its own spool.
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12/3 SJTW Yellow Heavy Duty Triple Tap Extension Cord (UL)


Product Details

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12/3 SJTW Yellow Heavy Duty Triple Tap Extension Cord (UL)


- Rugged jacket
- Flexible
- Receptacle lights up when the cord is powered
- -35°F Temperature range: no breaking or cracking
- Resists Abrasion, Grease, Oil and Water
- Unbreakable, molded-on connectors
- Indoor/outdoor use
- Contractor approved
- Meets all UL & OSHA requirements
- Made in the USA

Highly flexible annealed 30 gauge bare copper conductors, insulated with a vinyl SJTW jacket. Operating temperatures range from -37 °C to +91°C (-35°F to +195°F). The 12 gauge, 3 conductors are rated at 125V, 15A (1875W). Available with a yellow jacket. Triple outlet head for multiple tool convenience.

Designed for indoor and outdoor heavy industrial use. These cords are flexible, durable and manufactured in the USA, to meet or exceed all UL and OSHA requirements