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10 AWG Cathodic Protection Cable, 7 STR, HMWPE

Min: 1 ft., Max: 10000 ft. To order multiple lengths, simply enter the desired footage into the quantity fields. Each length will be delivered on its own spool.
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10 AWG Cathodic Protection Cable, 7 STR, HMWPE


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10 AWG Cathodic Protection Cable, 7 STR, HMWPE, 500ft or 1000ft Spool

Cathodic Protection Cable is used for direct earth burial DC feeder cable for cathodic protection systems, storage tanks, pipelines, wells, ocean vessels, and metallic structures buried or water submerged.

2.1 ASTM B-1, B-3, B-8, B-33, B-172,and B-173 for soft drawn annealed copper conductors 2.2 ASTM D-1248, NEMA WC-5, ICEA S-61-402 for High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (HMWPE). 2.3 UL 83, UL 1581 and UL 2556

Single stranded copper conductors per UL83 and ASTM requirements. 

The conductor shall be insulated with black, sunlight resistant polyethylene complying with the physical and electrical properties per ASTM D-1248, Type I, Class A thru D, Cat 4, and Grades E4-E5. Types II, III, and IV are available on request. The insulation shall be concentrically applied and the minimum at any point shall not be less than 90% of the specified average thickness. Rated at 75°C, 600 volts. 


Size: 10 AWG
Number of Strands: 7
Voltage: 600V
Temp: 75°C
Insulation Thickness: 0.110 inches
Outside Diameter: 0.39inches
Weight: 0.058 lbs per ft


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More Information
Wire Size10 AWG
# of Conductors1 Conductor
O.D. (Inches)0.34