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THHN-PVC Tray Cable. Cut to length - sold by the Foot.

Min: 10 ft., Max: 10000 ft. To order multiple lengths, simply enter the desired footage into the quantity fields. Each length will be delivered on its own spool.
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#10-3C THHN-PVC Shielded Tray Cable


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PVC/Nylon/PVC, Control, Shielded, 600V, UL Type TC-ER

Cut to length - sold by the foot. Enter the desired footage in the QTY box. 
Minimum 1' to maximum 2000'. Please call for longer put ups.


In free air, raceways, cable trays, or direct burial. In wet or dry locations. Approved for direct burial, Class I, Div. 2 industrial hazardous locations per NEC. Permitted for Exposed Run (ER) use in accordance with NEC for 3 or more conductors.

Also Known As:
Instrumentation cable, raceway cable, shielded underground cable, multi-conductor THHN cable, lighting cable, shielded control cable, signal and communication circuit cable, Type TC-ER

Rated at 90°C dry, 75°C wet. Ripcord applied to all cables with jacket thickness of 60 mils or less. Provides outstanding sunlight, cold bend and cold impact resistance. Offers the smallest cable O.D. available for suitable applications. Provides long service life. Provides good oil and chemical resistance. Meets cold bend test at -25°C. Meets the crush and impact requirements of Type MC cable.

 ICEA S-73-532; ICEA S-95-658; UL 1277; UL 66; UL 83

Fully annealed stranded bare copper to ASTM B3
Class B stranding per ASTM B8

Shield:  Shielded: cabled in concentric layers with interstices filled with suitable fillers as required. A helically wrapped aluminum tape, with synthetic backing, gives 100% shielding. A tinned copper drain wire is placed in contact with the aluminum side of the tape, to lower the resistance and to assist in the termination of the shield.

Flame-retardant PVC/Nylon type THHN/THWN-2 per UL 83 for sizes 14 AWG to 500 kcmil and type TFN per UL 66 for 18 AWG and 16 AWG.

Color-coded per ICEA Method 1, Table E-2 plus alpha-numeric printed numbers (does not include white or green)

Lead-free, flame-retardant, sunlight-resistant Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

Color Code:
Black, Red, Blue


Size: 10 AWG
Number of Conductors: 3
Conductor Strand: 7/.0385
Minimum AVG Insulation Thickness: 0.66 mm / 0.026 inches
Minimum AVG Jacket Thickness: 1.14 mm / 0.045 inches
Outside Diameter: 11.52 mm / 0.454 inches
Copper Weight: 0.131 lbs per ft
Ampacity: 40 Amps

Net Weight: 0.191 lbs per ft

Bend Radius:  5 x overall diameter installed / 8 x overall diameter during installation pull-in.

*Data provided on this page is subject to change based on different manufacturers variances.

More Information
Wire Size10 AWG
# of Conductors3 Conductors
O.D. (Inches)0.454
Temp. Rating90°C
Location UseWet, Dry
Indoor/Outdoor UseIndoor, Outdoor