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1/0 3 Conductor Copper MC Cable w/ Ground

Min: 20 ft., Max: 10000 ft. To order multiple lengths, simply enter the desired footage into the quantity fields. Each length will be delivered on its own spool.
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1/0 3 Conductor Copper MC Cable w/ Ground


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1/0 3 Conductor Stranded Copper MC Cable + #6 Ground

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Feeder MC Cable is suitable for use in branch, feeder and distribution circuits in commercial, industrial, institutional and multi-residential applications. MC Cable is approved for power, lighting, control and signal circuits. MC Cable can be used in cable tray and other approved raceways and can be exposed or concealed. MC Cable can be used in places of assembly of 100 people or more, such as studios and theaters. Voltage ratings should not exceed 600V in any application.

Feeder MC has a compact or compressed stranded, soft drawn bare copper conductor.

Feeder MC has a moisture and flame resistant cross linked polyethylene XLPE XHHW-2 insulation. Color coding is Method 4, black conductors with numbers.

Feeder MC has a bare copper ground conductor. All conductors are cabled together and wrapped with Mylar Tape.

Feeder MC has an overall aluminum interlocked armor.

Standards:UL 44, 1569, 1581, and 1685
UL listed 600 Volts at 90C Dry/ 75C Wet, FT4
IEEEE 1202 70,000 BTU vertical flame test
Meets NEC Articles 230-43, 300-22, 321, 334, 518, 520 and 530 for installation
rated Fire Wall Penetration to 600 Volts at 90C.
Federal Spec A-A59544 (formerly J – C – 30B)
Class I Div. 2, Class II Div. 2 and Class III Div. 1 Div. 2 for hazardous locations


Size: 1/0
Conductors: 3 plus 1 ground
Ground Size: #6
Approx Diameter: 1.262 inches
Weight: 1.347 lbs per ft


*Data provided on this page is subject to change based on different manufacturers variances.

More Information
Cable TypeMC
Wire Size1/0 AWG
# of Conductors3 Conductors w/ Ground
Conductor MaterialBare Copper
Stranded or SolidStranded
O.D. (Inches)1.262