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Wire & Cable Your Way offers Type SOOW Yellow Cable at the best prices you'll find anywhere – available by the foot with no cut charges. These multiconductor power cables can be used in 600 volt applications that require flexibility and durability such as portable tools and equipment, portable appliances, small motors and associated machinery.

SOOW Yellow Cord 600V

SJOOW Cord 300V



SOOW Portable Cord Properties

SOOW Portable Cord is rated to 600 volts and has a temperature range of –40ºC to 90ºC. These characteristics make SOOW Portable Cord an excellent choice for mitigating outdoor factors that would otherwise alter the performance of wire or cable.

The letters SOOW denote particular properties of the cable:
S for Service
OO for Oil-resistant insulation and Oil-resistant jacket
W for Weather and Water resistance.

SOOW Cable Features:
- Excellent resistance to oil, water and moisture
- Sunlight resistant
- Good tensile strength, elongation and aging characteristics
- Highly flexible
- UL Listed and CSA Certified for indoor and outdoor use

- UL Flexible Cord - UL Subject 62
- CSA Flexible Cord - C22.2-49
- MSHA Approved
- RoHS Compliant

Conductors: 18 through 10 AWG fully annealed stranded bare copper per ASTM B-174
Insulation: Premium-grade, color-coded 90ºC EPDM.

Color Code:
2 Conductors: Black, White
3 Conductors: Black, White, Green
4 Conductors: Black, White, Red, Green