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16/2 SPT-2 Lamp Cord 300V 250 ft Spool

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Small appliances, Lamps, Radios, Jukeboxes

Lamp Cord UL Type SPT is suitable for use in small appliances, lamps, radio equipment and Malibu type lighting. Lamp Cord UL Type SPT is suitable for applications up to 300 volts and temperatures up to 60°C.

Lamp Cord UL Type SPT has integral polyvinyl chloride PVC insulation over both conductors. Available insulation colors: Black & White.

UL 62
NEC Article 400  
CSA 22-2 No. 49

Lamp Cord UL Type SPT has a stranded soft drawn bare copper conductor.


Size: 16 AWG
No. of Conductors: 2
Conductor Strand: 65/34
Outside Diameter: .16 x .37 inches
Weight: 0.039 lbs per ft

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