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Type W Portable Power Cable For Portable Generators

Type W Portable Cord

Sending a big thanks to our customer, Dave, out in Indiana for snapping the above photo.   Dave decided to buy 6 AWG 4 Conductor Type W Portable Power Cable from us for his generator at home.  The 6/4 Type W Portable Power Cord is rated for 87 amps and is suited for 2000 Volt applications.  Dave took the photo before hooking the cord into his fuse box.

Our Type W Multiconductor Portable Cord is commonly used for portable generators along with our  SOOW Multiconductor Portable Cords.  One of the main difference between the Type W Portable Cord & the SOOW Portable Cord are the voltage ratings on the cords.  The SOOW cord is rated for 600 Volt applications while the Type W is rated for 2000 Volts application.  The Type W also has a more durable jacket, suitable for tougher environments, and is available in larger gauge sizes than the SOOW.

Please click here to learn more about the sizes available and our pricing on the Type W Portable Power Cable.

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