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Belden 8467 Equal – 18 Gauge 7 Conductor Communication & Control Cable

Does your job require an 18 gauge 7 conductor unshielded communication & control cable?

If so, Wire & Cable To Go has this type of cable (shown above) and may other communication & control cables in stock!

These low voltage UL listed cables come in a gray jacket with fully annealed stranded tinned copper. We have several different types of shielded and unshielded low voltage cables available in 500′ of 1000′ spools.

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What is the Price of 20 Gauge 2 Conductor & 3 Conductor Wire

Does your upcoming job require a 20 gauge 2 conductor or a 20 gauge 3 conductor wire?

If so, please take advantage of our low voltage 20 gauge 2 conductor & 3 conductor wires listed below - all in stock here at Wire And Cable Your Way!

1. 20 Gauge 3 Conductor Foil Shield Communication Cable

Click here for Specs & Pricing>>

***equivalent Belden 8772

2. 20 Gauge 3 Conductor Power Limited Tray Cable Foil Shield

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***equivalent Belden 9364

2. 20 Gauge 2 Conductor Foil Shield Cable

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***equivalent Belden 8762 Equal

3. 20 Gauge 2 Conductor Power Limited Tray Cable Foil Shield

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***equivalent Belden 9320 Equal

If you are looking for a different 20AWG 3-C or 20AWG 2-C wire than the ones listed above please call 855-880-8010

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24 Gauge 2-Pair Shielded Cable for Scoreboard Control Cable

24 gauge 2 pair Shielded Cable

Wire & Cable wants to send a big thanks to a great guy and a loyal customer, Mike, who installs world class scoreboards in fields and stadiums across his area using our 24 awg 2-Pair Shielded Computer Cable.

Mike sent us a bunch of photos like the one above showing the scoreboards his company makes and installs and we think they are pretty cool!

He told us the 24 awg 2-Pair Shielded Computer Cable (General Cable C0601A) works as excellent scoreboard control cables and he has had success with the cables on all the installations.

Please click here to view our 24 awg 2-Pair Shielded Computer Cable>>

Do you have a job that requires low voltage shielded control cables for a scoreboard or other electronic circuit boards?

If so, Wire And Cable Your Way offers a wide selection of 18 awg -24 awg multi-conductor shielded control cables.

Feel free to click on the links below which will bring you to our low voltage control cable category with pricing and the different sizes.

Please call 855-880-8010 if you have any questions or don't see the cables you are seeking.

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SOOW Cord, MTW & Low Voltage Communication Cable for Fire Hose Pump System for Paint!


Sending a big thanks to our customer, Jason, in Illinois for sending in these photos of a concert he recently worked on.

His company provides design and fabrication services for event productions in the entertainment industry.

Wire And Cable Your Way supplied Jason with 8 gauge 5 conductor SOOW Portable Cord, 10 gauge MTW & 20 gauge 7 conductor Communication Cable for what looks like a fun concert application!

Jason had the following to say:
Here’s a project we just did:
It’s a fire hose pump system – for paint.  They’re used at concerts – the audience wears all white and they spray fluorescent paint all over the crowd.  We used 8-5 SOOW for the main power feed, 10 AWG MTW for the on-board AC wiring, and 20 AWG 7/c Communication cable for the low voltage remote control. It all worked out great!

If you are looking for Multi-Conductor SOOW Portable Cord for your project please click the link below:

If you are looking for finely stranded MTW for your project please click the link below:

If you are looking for Low Voltage Communication Cable for your project please click the link below:

As always, feel free to call us at 855-880-8010 if you have any questions.

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High Quality Belden Equivalents Help Customers Get the Job Done While Saving Money

Belden Equal Cable

We'd like to give a thanks to our customer, Stu, down in Texas for sending in a photo of our Belden 8761 equal communication cable. The belden equals are very popular amongst our customers and feedback on the quality of these low voltage cables are outstanding!

Here is what Stu had to say about the photos and his use for the Belden Equal:
We manufacture level controls for the petrochemical and food processing industries. The pictured unit has a probe that is inserted in the tank and has electronics that can be mounted up to 5000 feet away with your cable. Customers order the length to suit their application and we cut to order. We bought your equal to Belden 8761.

We appreciate the feedback, Stu!

Click here to learn more about our Belden Equals - Communications Cable.

If you are looking for a certain Belden Cable but can't seem to find it on our site please send us an email or call 855-880-8010 as we most likely can get you a quote.

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Saving Money with Belden Equivalents

belden-equivalents-1 belden-equivalents-2

Our Belden Equivalents are one of Wire & Cable To Go most popular products.  Here is what one of our favorite customer's Jason had to say about the quality of these cables:
The C2525A 20/3 cable is a great alternative to the expensive Belden 8772 instrumentation cable, and costs 70% less.  We’ve tested these two cables side-by-side in our environmental chamber, and the performance and durability characteristics were identical.  We’ve been using it for years with great success connecting life-safety equipment in harsh environments of the food industry and other manufacturing facilities.  Very pleased with this cable. also has first-class customer service, very short lead times, and free shipping on large orders most of the  time.”