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Q & A with Wille The Wire Guy (THHN, Portable Cords & Aluminum Cable)

I wanted to share a bunch of questions I've been receiving from Wire And Cable Your Way customers across the country in hopes to help you with your shopping experience.

Hi Willie, I have a big job that requires 500 MCM THHN and 4/0 THHN and would need the cable delivered within 3 days to a job site in Virginia.    Can you guarantee I'll have the cable delivered by then?  Thanks - John

John - Yes we would ship the 500 MCM THHN and 4/0 THHN out of North Carolina and you would receive it within 1-2 days. As long as you order the cable before 3pm cst we will ship it out the same day.


Dear Willie, I am looking for 750' of your 4/0, 4/0 & 2/0 Sweetbriar Aluminum Underground Cable (URD) and I am curious how much it costs to ship to Michigan? - Paul

Hi Paul - This order would qualify for free shipping as it is over $1000 so there would be no shipping cost!


Willie, I need a flexible 10 gauge 3 wire portable cord - what cable would you recommend? - Tom

Tom - I'd recommend taking a look at our 10/3 SOOW Portable Cord and our 10/3 SJOOW Portable Cord which are our most popular.  The SOOW is rated for 600 volts and the SJOOW is rated for 300 volts.  We cut both these cables to the exact length you need.

Click here to view 10/3 SOOW Portable Cord

Click here to view 10/3 SJOOW Portable Cord


Hi Willie, I am planning on purchasing 6 AWG THHN for my 60 amp breaker but NEED different colors of the 6 AWG THHN.  Do you offer different colors? - Alex

Alex - yes we offer a wide variety of colors on our 6 AWG THHN Copper Building Wire and we can cut each piece to the exact length you need.

Click here to view all 6 AWG THHN Colors


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