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Flexible Stage Lighting Cable & SOOW Portable Cord for Live Event Productions

Stage Lighting Cable

Wire And Cable Your Way would like to send a BIG THANKS to a loyal customer and great guy, Spanky, who sent in this photo above.

Spanky uses a lot of our Stage Lighting Cables and SOOW Portable Cords for summer music festivals he works on all over the country.

He sent in this photo of a recent music festival that took place in California last month giving us a back stage look from his point of view.

Spanky is in charge of the electrical department for an event production company and has Wire And Cable Your Way send him cords wherever he is traveling.

He uses a lot of  2/0 Stage Lighting Cable, 2 AWG Stage Lighting Cable, 10/4 SOOW Portable Cord & 8/4 Portable Cords for the sound system & monitors.

The Stage Lighting Cables & SOOW Portable Cords are extremely popular for live sound and entertainment production.

If you are working on a live event and interested in our SOOW Portable Cord & Stage Lighting Cables please click the below links to view our pricing and selection - we cut all these cables by the foot:

Click here to view our SOOW Portable Cord Category >>

Click here to view our Live Event - Stage Lighting Cable Category >>

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