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Flexible 1/0 Welding Wire For Antenna Reader Tracking Muskie Fish

Welding Cable

Wire And Cable Your Way wants to send a big thanks and appreciation to our customer Kevin for all the great wildlife research work he is doing in Ohio.

Kevin sent in the above photo of his team working along a river dam rolling 1/0 Welding Cable down to the bank of the river.  The team uses our 1/0 Welding cable which functions as an antenna reader which helps track muskie fish traveling along the river.

The team is researching large muskie sport fish which can get up to 50 inches long.  The team is monitoring the fish and tracking how many they are losing along the dam.

As an antenna reader, the 1/0 Welding Cable sits along the bank of the river and sends signals once the fish cross the dam notifying the team how many of the fish are staying alive.

Thanks for the photo Kevin and keep up the good work!

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